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Counselor Training Series - Overview

Longmire and Company believes that the conversations between prospective students and the colleges they are considering can be much richer and more fruitful for both. Having rich conversations with prospective students provides you with a greater understanding of each student's unique needs, preferences, motivations, and how they will make their college selection decision. 

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Counselor Training Series - Probing

The Model of Communication starts with a four step process that begins with probing. That means asking the student a lot of great questions that have both scope and depth. When you probe effectively, your focus of attention is on the student. Right where it should be.

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Counselor Training Series - Presenting Value

You should not begin presenting the value of your institution ("Supporting") until you know what the student perceives as being valuable. Once you do, though, the Model of Communication provides a number of techniques to present your institution's value in a highly personalized and compelling way.

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Counselor Training Series - Handling Concerns and Objections

Throughout the recruiting cycle, most students have questions, concerns and in some cases objections. If you don't uncover them you will never know why a prospective student selected another college and not yours. Uncovering existing or potential concerns and objections is an important and necessary element of a rich and fruitful conversation.

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Counselor Training Series - Closing

Closing simply means getting the student to take the next logical step on the path to enrolling. There are many milestones on that path. It's up to you to help the student progress along their path. If you don't prompt them along the way, they will never reach the end with you.

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Counselor Training Series - Differentiate

Students and parents confess that they have difficulty distinguishing one institution from another. They hear colleges say the same things, make the same promises, and have similar campus visit experiences. Your challenge is to discover and communicate what makes your institution different.

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Counselor Training Series - Create Excitement

For most students, excitement about attending a college is the strongest force in college selection. More than an institution's perceived quality. More than cost of attending. As a counselor, your job is to put prospective students in the environments, with the people, and with the knowledge that will get them excited.

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Counselor Training Series - Facts tell, emotions sell

Prospective students need facts and information. But they will ultimately select a college based on how it makes them feel. That's why it's so important that we appeal to students on an emotional level. They need us to show them what their life will be like on our campus and in our community.

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Counselor Training Series - Customer Service

The customer service you provide to prospective students and parents can make or break your recruiting success. Students and parents see the customer service they receive pre-enrollment as predictive of what the student will receive after enrolling.




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