Take the Quiz: How Knowledgeable Are You About the Students You Are Recruiting?

June 13th, 2017 by Rick Montgomery Leave a reply »

Even the most seasoned admission professional gets surprised sometimes. And, we predict that you may find a few shockers when you take this quiz based on input from over 50,000 college- bound students.  Our national co-sponsored studies dig deep into the minds and hearts of the students you are recruiting to get answers to the questions that no one else thinks to even ask.

If you want actionable data you can use immediately, check out the national co-sponsored higher education study we are launching now:  Emotional Motivators. This study is based on the adage: “Facts tell. Emotions sell.” Students want and need facts and information about the colleges they consider. But their college selection decision will hinge on how they FEEL about the school they’ll ultimately enroll in. This study will tell you how they feel about you relative to the other colleges they considered (or chose to attend).

You should get in as a co-sponsor! There is still time. You can get a deeper level of insight on the pool of prospective students you were/are working for 2017 and get a clear understanding of how you were or weren’t tripping their trigger. You can click here for a video with all the details.

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Rick Montgomery is as an Enrollment Strategist at Longmire and Company. With over 20 years in higher education marketing, he brings an innovative and dynamic approach to helping colleges and universities meet their enrollment goals. Rick can be reached at 913/492.1265 x.708 or via email at rmontgomery@longmire-co.com.

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