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Yield Enhancement System (YES)

Key Takeaway:
Now you have a tool to understand how individual students will make their college selection decision - and how you can best present the value propositions of your institution.

Longmire and Company’s Yield Enhancement System gathers critical information from students at a crucial point in their college selection process - after they have been admitted.

YES Yield 22Percent IncreaseOur proprietary system gathers candid information from students in your admit pool about their needs, preferences, perceptions and plans, including which colleges are truly under final consideration.

Obtaining this critical, late-stage decision information from the applicant helps you identify what you have to do to solidify or rekindle their commitment to your institution.

Counselors use this prospect intelligence to have better, richer conversations with admitted students. The result is a higher yield from your admit pool.

YES is simply a smart way to give information and tools to your counselors to help them close the sale with the students they are trying to recruit.

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